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VW Transporter T5-T6.1 – Door Seal & Dash Trim Combo


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VW Transporter Door Seal 

Dash Trim Combo

Discount offer for both the extra VW Transporter door seal and the dash trim together.

Extra Seal

525cm of VW Transporter door seal which is more than enough to do 2 doors on your T5 or T6.

This rubber is fitted to high end T5’s and T6’s it sits between the cab door’s and the body of the van. Its purpose is to make the door sound quieter and shut with more of a clunk than a rattle. This is VW’s way of adding a little touch of luxury!

Its often called “sounds like a golf” seal and it does exactly that!

This seal is manufactured with quality rubber and it is fitted in place using 3m self adhesive tape.

Fitting is straight forward, simply use the alcohol wipe included to make the surface clean that you will be sticking the seal to and cut to size, really simple to fit.

There are many other seals on the market, and all sorts of different profiles etc. This seal is 15mm tall and is the optimum size and thickness to make your door shut with a clunk. This isn’t cheap thin stuff!

Dash Trim

This is a custom designed dash trim like no other on the market.

It stops things like loose pens, parking tickets, coins credit cards or just about anything that can slip down the gap between the dash and the windscreen, causing annoying rattles and squeaks!

This trim is designed to sit perfectly in the gap between the dash and windscreen.

We have designed it so the rubber lips over the top of the dashboard. This holds it firmly in place, unlike others on the market.

This dash trim will also help reduce noise.

Easy to fit, no tools and adhesive required.

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