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Van Carpet Lining

Please use the following guide to help you order enough materials for your carpet lining job:

SWB Half Height Panels: 10m Carpet, 122 Clips, 10x Glue
SWB Full Height Panels: 11m Carpet, 140 Clips, 11x Glue
LWB Half Height Panels: 12m Carpet, 136 Clips, 12x Glue
LWB Full Height Panels: 13m Carpet, 154 Clips, 13x Glue

The carpet you pick for your van carpet lining is an integral choice. That is why choosing the 4 way stretch carpet that we have is a fantastic choice. You can get as much or as little of it that you require. As well as this, it also comes in a range of different colours too!

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