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HQ LED Canbus H7 Bulbs


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Our brand new LED H7 bulbs give no warning lights on T5.1, T6 or T6.1 TRANSPORTER HQ HEADLIGHTS

To Fit:


Transporter HQ V2 H7

Transporter HQ V3 H7


Transporter HQ V1 H7

Transporter HQ V2 H7

Transporter HQ V3 H7

These wont fit:

Standard T5.1 lights, single or twin reflector

Standard T6 Lights, Single or twin reflector

They also don’t flicker like a lot of LED bulbs on the market.

We spent a lot of time getting them right, making sure they are bright – but not too bright, which could result in dazzling on coming traffic.

They will pass an MOT as they give off the correct output, and cant be seen in our headlights due to the projector.

If you are using these bulbs with Transporter HQ headlights, the BLUE wire is the Positive (+) and the BLACK wire is the Negative (-), if you are unsure, please use a multimeter to test the polarity.

They are also fitted with a small, neat Canbus resistors that fit inside the headlight bulb covers.

  • Highest quality
  • 12 months warranty
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 6400K Colour Temperature

This will fit our T5.1 and T6 Headlights

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