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Transporter HQ – Brake Cleaner Spray – Multipurpose Degreaser – 500ml


This brake cleaner spray by THQ  is the perfect disc brake cleaner spray, as well as a degreaser for sound deadening and carpeting. Due to its viscous nature and concentrated formula it will easily eradicate various dirt and buildup that has formed on the interior of your vans panels.

The ultimate residue free clean, preparing any metal surface for automotive sound deadening products. Spray it directly onto the metal panel where you intend to apply sound deadening or carpet. After this, simply wipe with a lint free cloth to remove the spray. As well as this, when used carefully and moderately this spray can also work wonderfully to help remove any minor blemishes or excess carpet glue from the actual van carpet itself. The possibilities really are endless with this fantastic THQ spray!

THQ spray will remove any old adhesives, grease, glue or dirt which insures the strongest bond possible for any sound deadening mat and contact adhesives for carpet lining.

  •     Removes old adhesive residue from all surfaces
  •     Degrease and prepare panels
  •     Can also be used for a multipurpose cleaner e.g as brake cleaner or Bufsol

Priced per individual 500ml spray can, also available in 6pk and 12pk options!


(N.B Not available for delivery outside UK)

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