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Navis – GP7 – Wheel Bolt Adapter


THQ Navis GP7 Wheel Bolt Adapter

With this wheel bolt adapter you can fit the larger VW plastic centre onto the Navis GP7 alloy wheel. Not only do we supply you with these fantastic alloy wheels themselves, but the custom designed and produced components. This allows you to then customise them even further too. You can’t say we don’t treat you right here at Transporter HQ!

Having a one of a kind VW Transporter can be as defining for your personal identity as the haircut you choose or your wardrobe as well. Of course, this fantastic product does lead to you being able to customise your Transporter’s shoes even more than they already were. With the VW centre cap firmly affixed not only will your Navis GP7 wheels look fantastic and unique compared to everyone else with their bog standard and dull wheels, but it will look official to boot too!

Simply slide on the adapter to the 17mm wheel bolt and clip in easily to the VW centre cap.

Compatibility: For Navis GP7 wheels.

Set of 20.

NOT for steel wheels.

Centre Cap not included.

Please ensure cap fits well on bolt head and apply a small amount of silicone adhesive to inside of bolt adapter to prevent loss of centre cap.

Weight 0.5 kg
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