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VW Transporter T5-T6.1 Detachable Rear Bumper Protector Flap + Changing Mat


VW Transporter T5-T6.1 Detachable Rear Bumper Protector Flap + Changing Mat

Made from a PVC-coated polyester material, it cannot tear or rip. It offers long-term bumper protection against scratches, scrapes, muddy bike wheels, tools and sharp claws. Also being less slippery than your painted bumper it gives dogs the extra confidence they sometimes need in jumping in and out of your boot.

But that’s not all – being 1 meter longer than our original bumper flap, our innovative Bumper Guard features a built-in flap that doubles as a changing mat, making it ideal for beach use and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hitting the waves or exploring the trails, you can trust our Bumper Guard to keep your van’s bumper protected and your gear organised.

Quick and easy to attach via hidden Velcro, which is easily installed underneath the rear threshold strip.

As bumper scratches are a common issue for all van owners, especially when dogs are involved! Our Bumper Guard is ideal if you are looking for an economical, long-term solution. It’s basic, yet effective. As it is easily removable it can easily be washed when its muddy / dirty to bring it back to new condition.

  • VW Transporter T5, T5.1, T6 & T6.1 – with Kombi style (full length rear threshold strip)

1x VW Transporter T5-T6.1 Detachable Rear Bumper Protector + Changing Mat

Weight 1 kg

Black, Grey, Navy, Olive

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