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Master Seal Wet on Wet Speed Bond Body Kit & Spoiler Bond


Mast Seal Wet-on-Wet Speed Body Kit & Spoiler Bond is the perfect solution for bonding body work and spoilers. We’ve tried them all (Tiger Seal, Sikaflex) and we find Master Seal to be better, stronger and quicker drying.

Master Seal Wet on Wet Speed Bond Body Kit & Spoiler Bond
  • Over-paintable Wet-on-Wet
  • Rapid Cure
  • Body Kit & Spoiler Bonding
  • Exceptional Primerless Bond Strength
  • Permanently Flexible
  • Isocyanate & Silicone Free


Usage Instructions
  • Cleaning – Ensure surfaces are free from rust, oil and grease etc.
  • Applying – Use hand or air powered cartridge gun. Cut nozzle to size required. Apply as a bead, this can be easily brushed or smoothed without the use of a solvent.
  • Painted – Masterseal can be overpainted wet-on-wet, skin and cure times are dependant upon humidity and temperature, increasing these levels will produce faster reaction.
  • Storage – 12 months in dry conditions over 5 degrees C.
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