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Volkstrack Tracking System


True live tracking

12 month subscription included

Super Easy Setup

The same system is used by the Police, Nationwide

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Volks Track Tracking System

So you have a nice van and you’d like to give it more security.. A tracker really is a great way of adding peace of mind of knowing where the van is night and day and if it was stolen it’s location can be traced

We have used all sorts of different vehicle trackers and we have found the trackers from our friends over at itrackdirect to be the most user friendly and by far the easiest to set up with the best mobile app, Some trackers require a provider subscription and then a mobile (sim) subscription on top of that. If either run out of credits or don’t keep the sim topped up the tracker just wont work. You know the deal, it just gets complicated

This tracker is a true live tracker in the sense it mean’s it sends a signal back to the app every 2 seconds, some trackers only do this every minute or on request

It can be tracked using the FREE Trackserver APP (available from Itunes) or on a PC via

The control panel in the app or via a pc is super easy to use, very simple to see its location, speed, altitude, its direction, nearest address, battery status, gps status

Includes 12 months subscription

No data plan needed

  • Small unit which is easy to hide
  • Simple 2 wire Installation
  • Geo Fence Alerts via SMS or e mail to 3 contacts
  • Motion sensor alert setting
  • Backup internal battery
  • Live Tracking 24/7
  • Reports can be produced to assist with record Keeping
  • Location Report Backup – If u tracker is in a bad mobile network area, It will upload the data once back into a network area
  • Works Straight out of the box
  • Tracking History available including speed and location
  • FREE App to download. No SETUP just type in your device ID

The only Tracking system we would ever use here at Transporter Hq on our demo vans because its the same system as used by the Police, so if its good enough for the police its good enough for us!









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