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Kleen Freaks Wheel Cleaner

£9.99 £8.50

Kleen Freeks Wheel Cleaner

500ml Spray

Kleen Freeks Wheel Cleaner is both acid and caustic free

Our new detergent based formula makes it tough on brake dust & road grime, but leaving the wheels with a sparkling finish.

The wheel cleaner will cling to the surface giving greater dwell time to aid the removal of dirt & brake dust


How To Use:

Shake the bottle well before use & spray liberally onto cold wheels.

Allow the product to work on the wheels for a couple of minutes but do not allow it to dry.

Rinse with pressure washer.

Stubborn brake dust may require some agitation or a second application.

Please don’t eat or drink it, its horrible! Good for cleaning wheels and nothing else!

Kleen Freeks Wheel Cleaner



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