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Kleen Freaks Shampoo PLUS 500ml

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Kleen Freaks Shampoo PLUS


Kleen Freaks shampoo’s PH Neutral wax safe formulation is highly concentrated and designed to be tough on dirt and road grime yet gentle on the paint.

The Luxurious foaming action will lubricate your paintwork to minimize the risk of fine swirls and scratches leaving your surface ready for the next stage in the Kleen Freaks range.


Add 2-3 cupfuls into a large bucket and fill rapidly with water to activate the foamers.

Always wash your van from the roof down using natural lambs wool wash mitt rinsing it thoroughly after each panel.

rinse throughly and do not allow the shampoo to dry on the paint

Please don’t eat or drink it

Keep away from children and pets

It hurts if it gets in your eyes

Store away from direct sunlight


Kleen Freaks Shampoo




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