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Kleen Freaks Liquid Wax 250ml

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Kleen Freaks Liquid Wax 250ml pump bottle

A brand new product to the Kleen Freaks range is our wax serum.

We have taken our wax formulation and combined them both to give a really easy to use liquid product.

It offers a deep wet look gloss with the excellent protection you have come to expect from hard wax.

This is not a polish so does not contain any chalk, fillers or abrasives leaving no residues.



Apply a few small drops onto a foam or microfibre applicator. Spread the liquid thinly and evenly over the panels overlapping slightly. Allow the wax to haze over and buff off to reveal a brilliant wet look gloss.

Alternatively apply a few small drops to a machine finishing pad and spread thinly and evenly over the panels at a low speed setting. Allow the product to haze over and remove with a microfibre cloth.


You can layer this serum with our ruling the finish.


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