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Kleen Freaks Citrus Tar Remover

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Kleen Freaks Citrus Tar Remover


Kleen Freaks Citrus Tar Remover is created using a natural citrus solvent base to which we have added a little of our detergent making it easier to wash off any residue after contaminated tar spots has been dealt with. We have also used our signature clinging agent so you don’t waste product or increase the contaminated are by having the product running off the area.

Although our new formula is is more environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals we still recommend using a test area first and avoid any plastic trims etc


How To Use:

Spray directly onto the tar contaminated area. Allow the tar to soften and remove with a micro fibre cloth

You can also apply a small amount to a micro fibre cloth and rub gently till the tar is removed

Do not eat or drink, if you do mistake it for a drink please don’t induce vomiting

Avoid contact with pets and children

Do not use near a naked flame

Avoid contact with your eyes


Kleen Freaks Citrus Tar Remover





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