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Kleen Freaks All Purpose Cleaner

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Kleen Freaks All Purpose Cleaner


Kleen Freeks All Purpose cleaner is a highly effective concentrated cleaning solution suitable for exterior and interior cleaning.

It can be used on heavily soiled engine bays, wheel arch’s and door shuts and light delicate items like carpets and upholstery.

This new formula also contains a biocide to help remove and combat mold and stop it returning.


How To Use:

For heavily soiled ares like engine compartments, spray directly onto the area and leave to soak, use a brush to remove real stubborn dirt and grime.

For lightly soiled areas, dilute to 50-1 with warm water. Spray onto the area and allow to soak but not dry. Agitate with a soft brush or microfibre cloth


Do not eat or drink

Avoid contact with pets and children

Store away from direct sunlight

Its irritating stuff on broken skin, wash immediately with water

Avoid contact with your eyes


Kleen Freeks





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